And We’re Back…

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Welcome back Oakland University! The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies department would like to say we are glad you are back and we hope you had a wonderful and safe summer!
SOOOOO what does this mean?! we have a lot of awesome things planed for this year. An awesome meet and greet, new classes, and even a deathly zombie walk.
Keep an eye out guys there is more to come!

September 9

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The Symposium went awesome today! Thanks for everyone who made this possible! Pictures to come and hopefully many more years to come. Congrats to all our BALS?MALS students

LBS 100

LBS 100

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Website Growth

Exciting news for the BALS Department, I am expanding the website today, if I can prevent the surfers from crashing the new Minor-Minor combinations will be up and listed by the end of the week! YAY! So exciting!
The new Minor-Minor combinations are related to Public Relations and Cinema Studies and Journalism….

“Change is not something you fear, it is something you embrace”
-Dani Hine

Let the changes begin!


So it is official everyone, the boss lady has approved two new minor-minor combinations for the BALS Program here at Oakland University, and I must say they are some awesome combos….Where were these options when I was an undergrad?
The latest and greatest minor-minor combos involve Public Relations and Journalism, and Cinema Studies and Journalism….these new combinations allow students to explore fields of study that can lead them into new and different jobs…. the kinks are still being worked out on required classes, but they are coming along nicely. SO EXCITING!

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Here at Oakland University we have many options for career paths, but in my personal opinion, there are some major opportunities being missed! Thats where our fabulous department comes in. Liberal Studies offers a variety of Minor-Minor Interdisciplinary Combinations for students looking peruse areas of studies that may not be offered in other areas at Oakland University.
I am thinking of a few career options that OU has missed that I would love to make apart of interdisciplinary sector….
If you have any ideas feel free to share! Ill keep you posted on whats to come!!


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Its officially the first full week of classes at Oakland University, thanks to the wonderful winter weather we have received here in Michigan. Just wanted to say WELCOME BACK OAKLAND UNIVERSITY! The BALS Department had a lot of new and exciting things planned for 2014. Fingers Crossed we could be having events that include awesome topics such as; Steampunk, Comics, and Gaming….
Yeah I know we are an awesome department..
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